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Mission Statement

What is a FLO?

Our mission is to develop leadership and form a community of freshmen within the College of Engineering. FREE combines the professional, as well as the social side of engineering in order to better your leadership abilities, while creating an awesome freshman experience!

A FLO is a Freshmen Leadership Organization. There are eighteen at Texas A&M University-College Station. FLOs have frequent meetings, service projects, and programs like most other organizations on campus. However, what helps make FLOs different from other organizations on campus is the freshmen focus. It's the ultimate goal of each FLO staff to help ensure that freshmen members have a successful first year of college.

Many FLOs choose to focus on specifics aspect of university life, such as a specific college or interest. FLOs also uniquely interact through All-FLO events, which are social gatherings, competitions, and service events that occur throughout the year. 

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