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Izzy & Linus

Advancement is the committee put in place for the professional advancement of the freshmen. They are in charge of planning the plant trips, speaker meetings, career fair prep, and assassins - a game we play during the year. They are also in charge of putting on an E-Week event with the SEC in the spring.

jensen & john

Development is the committee responsible for professionally developing the freshmen by coordinating events with mentors. They are responsible for the Big Little program, in charge of Shack-a-thon (an awareness event for Habitat for Humanity), and organize final reviews at the end of each semester.


mia & brock

External is the face of FREE to the outside world. They promote as many events as possible to the FLOs and engineering student organizations. They are responsible for fronting recruitment in the fall and designing and ordering of FREE apparel. They are also in charge of intramurals and Parent's Weekend.

kara & jake

Internal is the gear that keeps the FREE machine ticking. They are in charge of sending out weekly emails, planning all of the meetings, as well as our Committee Cup competition. They are also in charge of making the contact list for the organization, and keeping the calendar updated.

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caroline & roger

Raise oversees all of the fundraising and money for FREE. They are in charge of scheduling and coordinating fundraising events in the community, such as profit shares. Raise also partners with the Boys and Girls Club of the Brazos Valley, and works with them throughout the year to plan events for the kids.

landri & bodie

Service keeps the freshmen involved in service events both university-wide and throughout the community. Service events include, but are not limited to Big Event and Street Clean Up. One service event should be held each month either on campus or in the community.


megan & brandon

Socials is in charge of every social event that FREE holds, including Inter-FLO events and spontaneous hangouts. Throughout the year they set up committee dates, organize "Lunch Buddies", arrange guys/girls nights, and plan the Christmas party. They start and end the year with the Welcome Social and the Banquet.

natalie & spencer

Venture is our trips committee. Venture is in charge of most car lists, both our fall and spring retreats, and the winter ski trip. They are also in charge of planning small day-trips and all the activities we do during all of these trips.

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Executives are in charge of keeping FREE running and most of the 'behind the scenes' jobs. Most importantly, executives are passionate about the organization and its success.

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