Hey, it's me, Will O'Brien. I'm a Mechanical Engineering major from Kingwood, Texas. I enjoy traveling to national parks and seeing the world as it was created to be. In my free time, I take part in beating all challengers in Mario Kart and eating food with friends past 11PM. My main goal right now is to enjoy life with the lovely people around me and to keep on pulling off elaborate plans. My amazing fellow Advancement counselor is C.C., who was voted 'Best Girl to take home to parents,' so that should tell you just how lucky I am!



Hello my name is Roshan Damodaran and I’m an Industrial Distribution major from Plano, Texas! My favorite restaurant is Cicis pizza and I love sports and music. My favorite place to be in the world is at the barbershop so I can stay fresh. Me and Katy can not wait to be your parents and we are beyond excited for next year with all of you. Rush Dment!!



Wus good, it’s Alex Wachowicz here ya heard. I’m a sophomore Petroleum Engineering student from Friendswood, Texas, but I’m technically a super senior by credit hours. I’m the new Beta counselor of the Alpha committee, External Relations, and I’m pleased to be partnered with my Alpha and loving wife, Katelynn Kinslow! I have no hobbies, no interests, and no passions, with the exception of chilling with my bros. Down to do anything anywhere and at any time, as long as it is not in the morning (I think this is why my parents call me a lazy bum all the time). FREE will provide you with such a great Freshman experience so #rushFREE and rush #externalbabyyyyy!!!!




I'm jackson dORBES and I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from College Station, Tx. I will be this years Internal Counselor. You can find me losing my security deposits or wheelin' at Hidden Falls adventure park. Hit my line if you want to Jam or want to do yee yee things. My secret skills include making ham and cheese sammies and explaining the atrocity of Edwin Hubble taking credit for discovering the expansion of the universe while it was in fact George Lemaitre that did such a thing. Rush FREE, it's neat. 



Howdy! My name is Grant Busse and I’m a Mechanical Engineer from The Woodlands Texas, but more importantly I’m waiting for Jimbo to offer me a full ride for making it to the semi-finals in intramural football. Kinda a big deal, but in all seriousness, in my FREE time I enjoy playing/watching sports, watching movies (or Game of Thrones), and hanging with the FREEps. 



Hey y’all! Or should I say ~howdy~! My name is Dan Dinh and I’m a Mechanical engineering major from Arlington, TX. I love food and hanging out with friends, so if you need a 3 AM Fuego buddy I’m your guy. In my free time I enjoy playing sports like tennis, basketball, soccer and racquetball. I’m also a nerd for Marvel movies, Rick and Morty, and Dragon Ball. Also I’m almost always listening to music so let me know if you wanna bump some Chance, AJR, Panic! or anything else! I am SOOO PUMPED for FREE this year and can’t wait to meet all of y’all! Rush (and I can’t stress this enough) FREE and SERVICE!



What’s up YouTube, I’m back again with another ASMR counselor introduction! 


*My name is Ramzi Haddad, I’m from Austin, Texas. I listen to a ton of the devil’s music a.k.a hip hop and rap. Last year I listened to 111,400 minutes of music. If you want to be a part of THE thrifting committee, rush socials. (whispering)* 


Alright thanks guys, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that thumbs up button and drop a sub! P.S. Anna is cool



Heyo, my name is Tyler Bagby and I enjoy long walks on the beach, singing around a campfire, and everything and anything to do outdoors. I am a Mechanical Engineering Major from McKinney, Texas and am SO pumped to be a Venture Counselor next year for FREE! I believe that pineapple belongs on pizza, Colorado is the best state, and the best conversations happen between 2-4 am. I’m a sucker for good food and good friends, and love to spend my free time with both. My better half is Madeline, and we’re both super excited for a great year! #rushFREE



Howwwwdayyyyyy, My name is Nico and I’m an Industrial Distribution major from Friendswood, TX. You can catch me hanging out with friends, listening to anything that bumps, and eating...like all the time. Netflix and social media enthusiast so add me on all platforms. Mr. FHS runner up. T’s and G!



Howdy brother ! My name is Esteban Arizpe and I'm a Mechanical Engineering major from Del Rio, Texas. In my free time I love to try new sports, rewatch GOT (season 3 episode 9 or season 6 episodes 9 or 10) , or just hang out with my college family. I currently am in love with this amazing 5 star restaurant called Baked or Fried and love to eat Domino's with no pineapple and tons of ranch.I absolutely love FREE  (hence Junior in a FLO) and am so lucky to be back for one more year to share my experiences with 80 new freshmen engineers! I cannot wait to talk to every single one of you about how applying to this organization changed my college experience, and my life! 



Hey MTV and welcome to my crib ;^))

I’m C.C. and I’m a Mechanical Engineering major from Cleveland, Ohio! My fav hobbies include stress-eating cheerios, accidentally taking 7 hour naps, and laughing at jokes even when they aren’t that funny. But real talk, I’m a big Nintendo gal, so toss me a GameCube control if you ever want to get wrecked in Smash Bros, Super Mario Strikers, or Mario Kart. If you ever want to go on an adventure, just ring me up (maybe twice if my phone is on do not disturb mode) and I’m ready to go whenever wherever!

All in all, I’m seriously so excited to make memories with each and every one of you, and I hope I can help make your freshman year unforgettable! Rush FREE!!!



Hey my name is Katy Day and I’m a biomedical engineer from New Braunfels, Texas!! I love taking naps and having movie nights with friends but I’m ALWAYS down for a spontaneous 2 am whata run!! I am firm believer that ketchup can be drizzled on fries and that pineapple does not belong on pizza. My worst quality is that I will shamelessly spend $5 on iced coffee every single day. Roshan and I are SOOOO excited to be your parents, (I mean last year I was voted for best mom so you already KNOW) come join us for a pretty awesome year!!! I love you all already my little DMENT babies.



Howdyyyy!!! My name is Katelynn Kinslow & I’m a Petroleum Engineering major from Katy, Texas. You can always find me eating chips & queso, listening to music, & chilling with my friends. I also love the outdoors & might be a little too competitive. I’m so excited to meet y’all & can’t wait to become best friends!!! & don’t forget to rush #externalbabyyyyy!!!!



Howdy partner,

I’m Victoria Alexander, a civil engineer from Austin, TX!! This year you can catch me writing emails and planning meetings w my sidekick Jackson; but in between I enjoy buying overpriced coffee, petting doggos, watching movies/listening to music, munchin’ on chicken minis, pretending I know how to do yoga, writing lists, using Oxford commas, and tuning into my ~outdoorsy~ side by getting some fresh air. If you’re reading this I hope it means you’re interested or want to know more about FREE and let me tell you that being in FREE provided me with unforgettable memories and friendships that’ll last a lifetime. So rush FREE and be my best friend!!!! :) 



Howdy friends! My name is Leah Tomotaki, and I’m a Computer Science major from Plano, TX.  I’m a big fan of watching entire seasons of Game of Thrones at a time, finding new music (hit me up with song suggestions!), and playing soccer. You can find me enoing around campus or at home (Zach). I can’t wait to meet y’all next year! 



Heyyyy there! My name is Jorja Johnson and I’m an Industrial and Systems Engineering major from Baytown, TX. I absolutely love coffee and cannot live without it. Some people say I’m a biiiiiiiig boba girl but I swear they are LYING! I love listening to music, going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and eating good food!!!! I am so excited for this year and to meet all of you! Rush FREE and let’s do some SERVICE!



Howdy Doody! I am Anna Connolly (pronounced Ana because my parents are indie) and I’m a MEEN major from sunny Keller, TX. I love waffles for dinner, thrifting, cheap concerts, and sunrise bible studies. I can usually be found making Spotify playlists for my friends instead of studying outside in the grass by POV. If you want to be in the most poppin party planning committee rush socials so we can be best friends!! P.S. Ramzi is cool



Howdyyyy! My name is Madeline Frasca and I’m an Industrial Distribution major from good ole Spring, TX. I am so excited to be a Venture Counselor this year! You will almost always find me with a latte or Starbucks drink in hand!! I love good talks, music, spontaneous adventures, and hanging with the bros! Rush FREE bbyyyyy!!!!



What’s cracking b. My name is Levi Tally and I am an Industrial Distribution major from Mildred, Texas. Some interesting facts about myself are that I enjoy playing basketball (shout Bisa Boys one time) and listening to music 90% of the day. I became an exec so that I don’t have to leave the glory days (and I loved everyone in it). Down for 2 AM coffee shop/Fuego runs. I also really enjoy engineering, even though I’m bad at math :(




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