Howdy! I’m Ben Heymann and I’m a mechanical engineering major from Dallas, Texas. Always down to just go driving for no reason, or hang out at the rec, best volleyball player in FREE ask anyone. This year I’m leading the Advancement committee with my baller partner Leanne. I know it’s insane that the offer is just out there, but you could be one of the coolest people on the planet, all you have to do is rush FREE.



Yo yo yo, I want some chicken to-go!

My name is Yaroub (yar-ub) Hussein and I somehow made it to this point to say that I am a Computer Engineering major on the Electrical Engineering track. I was born overseas in Palestine but have spent most of my life in White Oak, TX. I love learning about anything and everything from cultures to cooking to cars to technology and whether or not the moon landing was real. If you can have a good time when it's appropriate, but flip the switch to get business done, then me and you can secure the bag easily. I will be this year’s virtual Development counselor! (Sponsored by ZOOM) My beloved wife, Laura Stutzmann, will be my partner in Development! We will be the most loving parents in your life. I challenge your actual parents. 



Howdy! I’m Drew Thoms, a mechanical engineer from Keller, TX. I’m always down for a road trip adventure no matter when or where. I am a sports junkie so catch me at the rec or outside playing in whatever pickup game I can find. I love to do anything outdoors: hiking, biking, and trying to see as many national parks as I can are all right up my alley. Also, big d-town sports fan so if you ride with Luka, know Dez caught it, and are haunted by Nelly Cruz drop in game 6 we are going to be instant friends. But most importantly, I’m partnered with the one and only VIVIANA DE ANDA!! We will be the Xternal (throw up the X babyyy) counselors for this next year and we are super excited to meet all of y’all!! 



Well howdy! I knew I’d be famous one day. My name is Ben Brod and I’m an Aerospace Engineer from Austin, Texas. But more importantly I’m the better half of the counselor duo for the alpha committee INTERNAL. My hobbies include winning. But I also dabble in the finer arts such as music, fast food, most sports (not golf), a soda addiction, and destroying people in whichever video game I see fit. I don’t sleep during the week so feel free to hit me up whenever, 4 AM fuego runs are not uncommon. I’m so pumped for this upcoming year. I can’t wait to meet all of y'all, you’re gonna have a blast!



Howdy everyone! My name is Jeremy Basso and I am a Computer Science major from Coppell, Texas. I love anything and everything available for competition at the Rec Center,  I believe the best adventures in or outside College Station start at 2am, and occasionally you can find me at Hurricane Harry’s if that's also your thing. Food is always the move no matter what time it is which can lead to some great memories like it has for me, my freshman year with FREE. Also, I have the honor and privilege to be partnered with THE ABBY GRACE. We're pretty stoked about being this year's Raise counselors so if any of that sounded up your alley make sure to rush FREE, and rush Raise!!



Howdy y’all! My name is Cole Oliphant and I am an Industrial Engineering major from Houston, Texas. I am a bigggg climbing guy whether that be anything from a tree to a building. On the weekends you can catch me playing any sport under the sun (or at the rec), road tripping to various cities with friends (windows down music up), or eating food recreationally. My motto in college has been “you can sleep when you’re dead” so if you are down for a 3am Fuego run or ~intentional~ conversation, I am your guy!! I cannot wait to meet y’all, rush FREE and SERVICE!!!


Also Mariana is cool 



Howdy! I'm Gino Coppola, and I'm a sophomore Civil Engineering major from The Woodlands Texas! I hate playing my favorite video game, it's awesome. Some of my favorite things are my friends, pasta, and eating pasta with my friends, also my dogs. I spend literally all of my time at the MSC, so if anyone wants to catch lunch, look for me there! I'm always down for a good time, especially when I'm with my favorite people. Examples include, but not limited to, road trips, game nights, and long hours in a Zachry study room. I am happy to be co-running the Socials committee with my partner Kinsley, and we are both so stoked to welcome the class of '24 into our FREE family!



Howdy! My name is Andrew Garcia and I am an Electrical Engineering major from Corpus Christi, TX, aka the Dirty Double C. I love anything having to do with the outdoors, hanging out with the homies, road trips, and Figthin’ Texas Aggie Football. I’m a sucker for Piada (the cool kids pronounce it yada, spelt like ‘iada) and Late Night Fuego runs. I am partnered with my Better Half, Julia Hadley, and we are super excited to be Venture Counselors this year! So if you want an amazing Freshmen experience rush FREE, and if you're looking for the dopest FREE experience, rush Venture!!!!!



What's up y'all! My name is C.C. Martin and I am an Industrial Engineering major from Cleveland, Ohio. I enjoy yoga, making pancakes, and taking every chance I have to spend time with the pals. I became an exec so that I don’t have to leave the glory days (and I loved everyone in it). Really excited to meet y'all and can't wait for another incredible year with FREE!



Howdy!! My name is Katy Day and I’m a junior biomedical engineer from New Braunfels, Texas!!  I love taking naps and having movie nights with friends but I’m ALWAYS down for a spontaneous 2 am whata run!! I am firm believer that ketchup can be drizzled on fries and that pineapple does not belong on pizza. My worst quality is that I will shamelessly spend $5 on iced coffee every single day. I am actually so excited to be a junior in a FLO and I cannot wait to meet all of our new freshmen!!



KacHowdy yall ;) My name is Leanne Khashab and I am a sophomore Computer Science major from Plano, Texas. I love travelling to new places, and just last year got to chill and make friends with some pretty cool kangaroos down under in Australia. I am always down for a road trip even if that trip is just to a whataburger at 2 am for a late night hubchub. In my free time I love to play all different types of sports even though soccer will always be my greatest love, and to hang out with the homies and watch Avatar (the last airbender ofc) . If you want to be one of those lucky homies,you should join advancement and you’ll get a two for one deal. That includes unlimited access to me and my amazing other half Ben!! Can’t wait to meet you guys and you know who to pick, it’s as easy as one, two, FREE.



Hi I’m Laura! I am super excited to be your development counselor this year. I am majoring in civil engineering and hope to go down the construction track. In my free time I love hanging out with my friends, painting, and napping. My favorite place to study is Sweet Eugene’s. I hope to see you during recruitment! Rush FREE!



Hey guys!! I’m Vivi De Anda, a sophomore civil engineering major from Plano, TX. I’m always up for random trips and driving over an hour just to go to Waffle House at midnight. I enjoy doing anything outdoors like going to the lake, hiking, spikeball, or just chilling in an eno. In the winter, if anyone wants to go snowboarding somewhere hit me up (it’s my favorite thing to do)! I love traveling and discovering new places too. I’ve been to a few countries in Europe and visited Japan with some friends. This year my ❌ternal partner is Drew Thoms and he’s the COOLEST guy you’ll ever meet! We’re really fun & we're going to be the best committee parents ever. I’m super excited for this year and I can’t wait to meet you guys! If you’re cool, you’ll know to rush FREE and make friends that’ll last a lifetime. Peace!



Howdy. My name is Katie McGee and I’m an Electrical Engineering major from McKinney, Tx. While procrastinating my schoolwork, I like to go on late night sonic runs, listen to new music with friends, and binge watch ~trash tv~. I also really enjoy eno stacking, playing soccer, and drinking unhealthy amounts of cold brew. I can’t wait to meet y’all! Rush FREE 😎



Howdy! My name is Abby Grace, and I am a sophomore chemical engineering student from Flower Mound, Texas. I love anything and everything outdoors, hanging out with friends, and spontaneous road trips! I am a sucker for cheesy movies, chai tea lattes, and late night food runs. I am the luckiest counselor in FREE because Jeremy Basso is my partner, and together we lead the Rai$e committee! I am so thankful for the friendships and memories that FREE has given me, and cannot wait to experience year number two! You only choose once, so choose the best and rush FREE and rush Rai$e!



kachowdy!! *insert cowboy emoji*​

My name is Mariana Beer, and I’m an ISEN major from good ol’ Houston, Texas! I love Eggos, jumping pictures, doodling, listening to spotify playlists with very specific names, and believing almost any conspiracy theory you tell me. I also love a good Pixar movie, so if you need someone to shamelessly cry with while watching Coco then hmu. If you’re reading this then you’re hopefully interested in applying to FREE so take this as your sign to GO FOR IT!!!! Cole and I are beyond excited to be yall’s Service counselors this year, and we would love for you join our little family! #rushFREE babeeeyyy!!!!!! :)



Howdy! My name is Kinsley, and I’m an Industrial Distribution Engineering major from Pleasanton, Texas. I love to be outdoors climbing, hiking, camping, or just spending time with nature, and if you ever ask me to do any of those with you I would be 1000% down. I love people and being around groups of friends, which is why I am stoked to be a Socials counselor with one of my best friends, Gino! We’re super excited to plan some super cool get togethers, and cannot wait to see a ton of new faces this year! 



Howdy! My name is Julia Hadley, and I am a Civil Engineer major from Kingwood, Texas.  Some of my favorite things include hanging out with my friends, reading, and volleyball.  I am also a hardcore Taylor Swift fan, and I will stan her till my dying day.  I am so excited to be a Venture counselor with my awesome partner and bestie, Andrew Garcia.  I am so thankful for all the amazing friendships and memories that FREE has brought me.  If you are looking for a great opportunity to get involved and make new friends at A&M, rush FREE! 



Hey y’all! I'm Dan Dinh and I’m a Junior (in a FLO) Mechanical engineering major from Arlington, TX. I love food and hanging out with friends, so if you need a 3 AM Fuego buddy I’m your guy. In my free time I enjoy playing sports like tennis, basketball, soccer and racquetball.  Also I’m almost always listening to music so let me know if you wanna bump some Chance, AJR, Panic! or anything else! I am SOOO PUMPED for FREE this year and can’t wait to meet all of y’all! Rush (and I can’t stress this enough) FREE! 



Hey gamers, I’m Ramzi, a junior Industrial & Systems Engineering major from Austin, Texas. I like music a lot (Kendrick, Frank Ocean, Tame Imapala, etc.) and I go to Chipotle an average of 3-4 times per week. As an exec, I hope to serve as a grandfather-like mentor, so don’t hesitate to reach out for advice! rush FREE!

i have  a mustache.


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